Feeling Inspired: with EB Designers Nikki Dessent and Georgina Leung

Over the past ten months, life has truly been turned on its head. Our wonderful jewellery designers Nikki and Georgie have worked tirelessly (from their homes!) to create a collection that reflects our lockdown mood perfectly. Effortlessly chic and packed with inspiring motifs, the EB Edit has everything from chunky chains to delicate hoops that are perfect for dressing up even the most casual of tracksuit days. We sat down with them both over Zoom to talk about how they’ve been keeping creative in isolation and what it’s been like to design from a distance.

Estella Bartlett: Hey guys, how are you doing?

Nikki Dessent: All good thanks, just sat down with a coffee so I’m all set to crack on with the day.

EB: It’s been a crazy few months (to say the least!), what’s kept you motivated?

ND: Yes lots has happened with the world, and it feels like we’re living in a very different place from March. Keeping motivated is so important with working from home. The main thing for me has been making time to relax and consciously removing myself from the day to day, a little bit of escapism. I just downloaded the Calm app which has been great to practice daily meditation, I highly recommend!

Georgina Leung: So same as Nikki, I struggle sometimes to separate the work from home life and I think the commute used to really help. Now without that I try my best to go outside for a short 15 – 30 minute walk even for some fresh air to make sure I’m stretching and relaxing my body and mind. Also huge motivation for me is actually taking up new crafts and skills, this way I get to really change my creative perspective.


“It’s been quite the journey over the past 9 months. What we set out to do was make something meaningul, with hints of nostalgia.”

EB: How has working from home been? Do you think it’s affected how you work and design?

ND: It’s been such a process of adapting and problem solving. I don’t think I made one single video call in 2019, I didn’t really enjoy them and I felt quite awkward. But now it’s my normal routine and actually it I don’t even think about it anymore. In terms of designing, home has always been a place I can be creative so I actually really enjoy designing from home. As long as the team are at the end of a video call to bounce ideas off then I think It is great.

GL: Actually I really enjoy designing from home too, there is a sense of calm about it that you really need for your headspace. Although I do miss the design team being able to just bounce ideas off of one another and get second opinions. I miss getting my team mate Sophia just to turn round and have a look at something on my screen that I’m working on to make sure we’re always challenging our ideas and designs.

EB: The new EB Edit has felt like a real lockdown boost and given us the escapism we all need. What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

GL: Ah just one ‘single’ piece is hard! What a question.

ND: Oh wow that’s a hard question, it’s like picking your favourite child!

GL: For me I love the collection as a whole because, as an avid jewellery fan myself, I love to chop and change my look all the time by layering different pieces together. That’s something Nikki and I were so mindful of when we were designing the EB Edit. We wanted to ensure everything in the collection worked really harmoniously together so that no matter which pieces you bought, if you added onto it, they would look timeless. BUT! If I had to pick, I love the Teardrop CZ Circle Earrings. Estella Bartlett as a brand is quite delicate and filled with subtle sparkle highlights. We love motifs and soft silhouettes, and I think these earrings really show off who we are.

ND: I think I would have to say the Horseshoe Hinge Necklace. It’s been quite the journey over the past 9 months. What we originally set out to do was make something meaningful, with hints of nostalgia. Both myself and Georgie were quite new to the business and our starting point was Nick and Louise [siblings and co-founders of Estella Bartlett]. Both of them are such inspiring and charismatic people. The horseshoe motif was something we created to signify childhood, and of course luck, as both Nick and Louise spent time in the New Forest as children which is such a beautiful place. We thought that by encapsulating that within a single motif the horseshoe would be a great way kick start the collection.


“We wanted to ensure everything in the collection worked harmoniously together so that no matter which pieces you bought, if you added onto it, they would look timeless. ”


EB: We’re all really excited by this collection, it’s given us a lot of fun and positivity to focus on, so I think it’s safe to say you’ve nailed what you set out to accomplish during lockdown! What’s next for the EB design team? Can you give us any insider gossip?

ND: Well we would love to do a small Summer capsule collection that would layer in perfectly with the EB Edit. We both love semi-precious stones and beads so all we can say is watch this space…

If you’ve loved hearing all about the process and inspiration behind our newest collection, you can browse the full EB Edit here- let us know your faves too!

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