Transform Trade Jewellery Recycling Programme

Through our partnership with Transform Trade you can give your unworn jewellery a new lease of life and your forgotten items can be worn elsewhere. Read on to find out how you can recycle old items and support a better tomorrow with EB.

Who are Transform Trade?

Transform Trade is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, aiming to fight poverty in developing countries through trade. 

Their vision is simple; ‘a world without poverty, where all trade is fair.’ 

Through a combination of ongoing development programmes that supports and empowers vulnerable businesses, extensive campaigning and lobbying as well as the production of their own fair trade products Transform Trade is challenging injustice in the trading industry one step at a time.

  • How does it work?

    In just a few steps, you can help make a huge difference:

    1. Add a prepaid envelope to your order at checkout.

    2. Or download a freepost label to print out at home here, and attach it to an envelope or postage bag (no bigger than A5).

    3. Package up your unwanted jewellery (EB or otherwise!) and pop it in your nearest post box, completely free of charge!