Gifts for her | How to buy earrings as a gift

Jewellery gifts - particularly earrings - are a very personal thing to which we attach memories and sentiment, and the thought and detail that goes into buying a jewellery gift is what makes it truly special. While good things definitely do come in small packages, ensuring you give the perfect jewellery gift can be tricky, even when buying for someone you know and love. To ensure you give the gift of a lifetime we’ve put together an earrings gift guide.


Things to consider when buying earrings as a gift


  • Style: Is she chic and refined or bohemian and adventurous
  • Lifestyle: Where will she wear them: everyday, on a night out or special occasions?
  • Existing jewellery: Does she wear silver or gold jewellery?


What earrings will match her style?


Consider her jewellery style and the type of clothes she wears: how she expresses herself externally is an important reflection of her personality. Think about what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Does she wear dainty and timeless studs for a subtle outfit finish? Symbol drop hoop earrings that represent her personality? Or big statement hoop earrings for a bold look? Consider what she wears casually during the day and when she is dressed up and going out. This way you’ll gain a better understanding of the type of earrings she’d like to receive as a gift.

Stud Earrings


We offer a variety of stud earrings, perfect for a timeless look and a fun everyday accessory, including silver and gold plated earrings. For a playful yet subtle everyday look, check out our selection of quirky studs including gold plated pineapple earrings, rainbow circle earrings and gold plated lightning bolt earrings. For a pair of stud earrings that will stand the test of time opt for something like our silver plated cubic zirconia heart earrings, mixed moon and star earrings or modern silver plated flower earrings. 

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Small Hoops and Drop Hoop Earrings


Small hoops and drop hoop earrings are the perfect day to night accessory. Their classic yet versatile design makes them the perfect in between piece if you’re not sure how much of a statement to make. We offer both gold and silver plated earrings, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect pair of earrings to match her personality. For a sophisticated edge check out our cubic zirconia silver plated huggie hoop earrings and granulated gold huggie earrings. For something a little more on the wild side explore our range drop hoop earrings featuring talismans and symbols including bee drop hoop earrings, silver plated drop hoop earrings and eye drop earrings.

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Statement Tassel and Hoop Earrings


Tassel earrings and hoop earrings are the perfect gift for those that like to make a style statement and enjoy feeling fancy. Perfect for dressing up a more casual look or completing an evening outfit, our silver and gold plated tassel and hoop earrings are sure to tick all the boxes. For a party ready look, check out our gold plated chain hoop earrings, silver star tassel earrings and Kasuma dot drop earrings. For a classic hoop earring look, our large gold plated hoops are a must.

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What earrings will suit her lifestyle?


When deciding which earrings to get her as a gift, it might be worth considering her lifestyle and interests. If they’re for every day, think about whether she’ll be able to wear them to work, and consider her daily tasks and hobbies. If you’d like her to get lots of wear out of them, a pair of classic and dainty everyday studs might be most suitable. They’ll also complement her style rather than being the main focus.


If her typical day enables her to wear something a bit more unique or you think she’ll save them for the evening, then mini hoops and drop hoop earrings might be more of an appropriate gift. Consider how much she enjoys going out and getting dressed up and whether it complements her style. If so, drop hoop earrings might be the perfect day to night gift.


Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy her a piece of jewellery that she’ll save for special occasions then statement earrings might be just what you’re looking for. With daring drop tassle designs and large hoop earrings to choose from, you’re sure to find a jewellery gift that will add statement embellishment to her look.


What jewellery does she already own?


When buying a jewellery gift, it's important to consider the jewellery she already has in her collection, particularly whether she prefers to wear gold or silver jewellery. If you buy her jewellery in the wrong colour then chances are she won’t wear it. If the earrings you gift perfectly match the jewellery she already has, then she can mix and match her pieces, enabling her to get the most out of your thoughtful gift. Next time you see her, pay attention to the colour of the jewellery she wears. Whether she prefers silver, gold, rose gold, or a mixture, there’s plenty of choice at Estella Bartlett.


Furthermore, it's important to think about whether she exclusively wears a specific style of jewellery. Buying her earrings that matches the style of her other pieces means she’s likely to wear them more, whether her wardrobe is full of stylish classics or exciting statements.


Finally, make sure you present the earrings in an effective way. Something as special as earrings should be gift wrapped to perfection. This extra little bit of detail will demonstrate the love and consideration that has gone into this gift. Fortunately for you, all Estella Bartlett jewellery comes charmingly packaged in a beautiful square gift envelope, making this the perfect gift for someone you love. For an extra special finish, why not pair the earrings with one of our stylish and travel friendly jewellery boxes.


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