Our SS20 inspirations | Part 2

The second inspiration from which the SS20 collection unfolds is the world of modern iconography. Drawing on the culture of positive protest cultivated by younger generations, which celebrates diversity, individuality, and pop optimism, this inspiration introduces an atmosphere of enthusiasm to the collection.


Strong symbols and vibrant rainbows proliferate, shaking away uncertainty and firmly grounding the iconography of unity, equality, and freedom. Multi coloured cubic zirconia is set into classic gold and silver plated shapes, creating patterns and shapes that draw together positive hues and modern icons.


Colour is absolutely central to this part of the collection, and comes through in dusky lavender hues, nude pinks, and clear sky blues. Vibrant miyuki beads carry forward themes long since established by Estella Bartlett friendship bracelets, updated with new charms and symbols that echo the fun free spirits of future generations.

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