Ring Size Guide: How To Find Your Ring Size At Home

There’s nothing worse than ordering a ring online for yourself or as a gift for someone else and the size not being quite right. But with our ring size guide it's never been easier to find your ring size at home. Read on to discover our top 3 methods for finding your ring size at home, tips for measuring your ring size, how to discreetly find your partner’s ring size and an easy to use ring sizing chart.

How to find your ring size at home

With more and more of us now shopping online for jewellery it can be a real hassle having to return items such as rings that aren’t the perfect fit. We’ve put together our top 3 methods on how to find your ring size at home so you can shop with confidence.


1. Measure Your Ring Size With String

- Take a length of string and wrap it around the base of your finger. Be careful not to pull the string too tight as it may stretch the string.
- Mark where the string first meets with a pen.
- Lay the string alongside a ruler or measuring tape, and write down the length of the string in millimeters.
- Use the ring size chart below to compare your measurement to the standard ring sizes


2. Use An Existing Ring To Find Out The Size

- Find a ring that fits you well or fits the desired finger that you would like to buy a new ring for.
- Print out a true-to-size ring size chart, and place your ring on the circles until you find the one that matches up with the inside circumference of your ring.


3. Buy Or Print An Online Ring Sizer

The third and final option for measuring your ring size at home is to buy or print an online ring sizer. These tend to be fairly inexpensive or free if you print one from online. Thin finger measuring tapes are ideal for measuring your ring finger size and can be used time and time again. They can also come in handy if you want to buy a ring for someone else too.


Tips For Measuring Your Ring Size

- If you’re buying a ring as a present for someone else and want to keep it a secret you could measure the inside of another ring with a measuring tape to find out the size in mm. This can then be converted using our ring size chart.
- Keep in mind that the ring should fit your finger comfortably. It should be snug enough so it won’t fall off and loose enough so that it can slide over your knuckle.
- Typically your knuckle will be bigger than the base of your finger so it's important to measure both the base of your finger and the knuckle and choose a size that is somewhere in between the two.
- Your finger size can change throughout the day depending on the time of day and the weather so be sure to measure your finger throughout the day in case the size changes.
- Measure your finger 3-4 times throughout the day so you can be certain of the size


    How To Find Your Partner's Ring Size

    Buying a ring for someone else is a great way to show them that you care about them but getting the sizing right can feel like mission impossible. However there are a few things you can do to secretly find their ring size.

    The first thing you can do is try and guess their ring size. Typically fingers tend to be in proportion with body shape and size. So if your friend or partner is petite then chances are their hands will be smaller and they will need a smaller ring. If they are more average in height and build then they will probably want a medium size ring. And if your partner is above average height or build then they will most likely require a larger ring.

    The second option is to borrow one of their existing rings or get a friend or family member to borrow one of their rings for you so you can measure it. Using the steps above and a ring sizing chart you should be able to find out the exact size and return the ring you borrowed before they even know it's gone.

    The third option is to use your own finger. Using one of their existing rings, slide it on to your own finger and mark with a pen where the ring gets stuck. Using the string method or ring size tape or print out you will be able to work out the exact size of their ring finger.

    The fourth option is to opt for an open ring which can fit any sized finger. We offer a selection of open rings which can be adjusted to fit any finger. It makes buying gifts a breeze and stress free.

    Now that you know how to find your ring size at home, why not explore our collection of silver and gold plated rings.

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