Your Valentine's Gift Horoscope

As Valentine’s day is fast approaching, gift giving is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Whether you’re buying with romance in mind or to celebrate your self and your friendships, we’ve put together a gift guide for your nearest and dearest. If you’re not sure what to buy, all you need to know is their star sign, and we’ll take it from there…

For the fire signs:

Buying gifts for an Aquarius is easy, since they’re very likely to have already given you a list of exactly what they want. They have bold tastes, and there’s no reason to tone it down any time soon. Strong and vivacious looks perfectly suit their assertive disposition, and we recommend our gold-plated ruby bangle to complement their fiery dominant spirit.

Leos love to be showered with admiration, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Keeping up with their animated social lives is never going to be easy, and rather than trying to hold them back, gift them with a reminder of you that they can carry around with them. A delicate chain to wear alongside several statement necklaces, this CZ locket is just begging you to print out a tiny selfie and stick it inside.

Our final fire sign, the Sagittarius, must maintain a firm eye on potential excitement at all time. If you’re not going to book an adventurous holiday in a blazingly hot country, set your sights closer to home with a pair of sunny earrings instead.

For the water signs:

As you’re used to by now, Pisces are always away with the clouds, always distracted from the task at hand. They won’t appreciate it if you try to curb their fantasy world with a planner or a notebook, so why not roll with it? We recommend a dreamy gemstone in a deep blue to remind them of their marine roots.

While it’s tempting to believe a Cancer when they say they don’t want a gift, remember that everyone needs indulging sometimes. Paying homage to their loyalty and drive is absolutely necessary, and when you can do so in coral red, it seems like an easy choice.

Passionate Scorpio can be a wild card, and you wouldn’t want them any other way. Bold choices and outlandish suggestions can all be put down to their unwavering passion, and what better way to celebrate it than with ruby, the love stone.

For the air signs:

True to their signs, Libras are well known to maintain balance and harmony, and the gifts you give them should reflect this. The mixed metal of this wing charm necklace also celebrates Libra’s airy disposition, as they seek an equilibrium that involves juggling all sorts of different aspects of their lives.

The ever-generous Aquarius will definitely be getting you something amazing this Valentine’s Day! Don’t give in – if you haven’t already booked an all-inclusive spa weekend, opt for a similar level of luxury with a gemstone necklace that screams sophistication.

Geminis, well known for their indecisiveness, will have requested a variety of Valentine’s gifts, from conventional roses and chocolates, to the more unconventional hot air balloon ride, to the final request that you buy them nothing at all. Strike a balance and get them a necklace that reflects their double nature.

For the earth signs:

Your Capricorn partner will be expecting many gifts this Valentine’s Day, and you’d better live up to their expectations. Alongside the elaborate dinner and an enormous bunch of roses, keep it luxurious with a sophisticated pair of baguette cut earrings that will truly dazzle them.

Beneath their stubborn exterior, every Taurus has a soft spot for the luxuries of life. Find a way to keep your gifts classic but extravagant: you’ve got to find a balance between a piece of jewellery that is stunning and simple. We recommend a hammered disc pendant with gold plating, a simple piece that will never threaten to outshine them.

Finally, the aloof and systematic Virgo. Buying a gift for someone who seems to already have everything under control is tricky, especially when you know they’ll have found you something perfect. Appeal to their organised nature with a jewellery box that appeals to both their systematic and aesthetic eye.


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